Which Refrigerator to buy for your home

These days Refrigerators come in different shape, sizes and budget. The 2015 models come with a feature of flexible drawers and compartments that gives you more space to store food. The refrigerators with air filtration system help in extending the life of your food. This article will help you learn more various features to look for while buying a refrigerator in 2015.

These days the four door refrigerator models are seeking the attention of most buyers. It comes with a compartment that can convert from a freezer to a refrigerator, giving an outstanding overall performance. The models with this facility are very likely to occupy big share in refrigerator market in coming future.

Refrigerators have changed our lives by helping us to preserve food more easily and conveniently. For instance, milk can last couple of weeks in a good quality refrigerator.

Some of the most affordable refrigerators include split shelves, internal water dispensers and adjustable shelves. Nowadays some refrigerators models are designed to take very less space, this is very useful for people having less kitchen space at their home. Such refrigerators are about 18 to 30 inches wide and come without a refrigerator. If you are low on space but need a refrigerator with freezer you can go for a model with a column freezer. Manufacturers have also come up with a bottom-freezer design refrigerators, these models are usually 30 inches wide.

Before buying a refrigerator, you must ensure that it fits properly in your kitchen. It is important to leave at least 1 inch clearance around the refrigerator to ensure adequate air flow. If you are out in market to buy this appliance for your home, there are several new choices for your to choose from.

You can also go for a French-door refrigerator which usually have two refrigerator doors and are also available in four door models. It is 30 to 36 inches wide and have a height of about 30 cubic feet.

Side-by-side refrigerators have rapid ice making cycles and measures 32-36 inches in widht. These models have comparatively narrow doors.


Below are list of features to look for in a refrigerator:-

  1. It should have adjustable door bins and shelves
  2. It should have elevator shelves.
  3. It should have a freshness feature that eliminates bacteria and mold spores, keeping food fresh for longer period of time.
  4. It should have full-extension drawers.
  5. It should have split shelves allowing you to adjust shelves to different heights.
  6. It should have temperature-controlled drawers which helps you to cool specific food item at its best. Meat, fish or chicken are best in such drawers.

These days many people seek to buy a refrigerator with an inbuilt water-dispensing feature.

You must understand that, with added features in refrigerator, the cost gets higher. Therefore, you need to decide which type of feature suits your needs better. Refrigerators are expensive and have a longer life span, therefore it is important to make an informed choice so that you do not regret later.


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